How to predict solibility using solubility guidelines?

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Being able to predict the products of a chemical reaction is very useful to chemists and other professionals. For example, water quality engineers can test water samples for the presence of different ions. If they know the product of a chemical reaction,then they can determine the presence of certain ions.

The following table can be used to predict the solubility of a salt.

solubility guidelines

A higher guideline number always takes precedence over a lower guideline number.

Example1: Silver Nitrate AgNO3

Cation: Ag+   Anion: NO3-

Nitrate guideline=1 and soluble

Silver ion guide line is 2 and insoluble

Since nitrate ion guide line is higher than silver ion guide line the salt is soluble in water.

Example 2: AgCl

Ag+ ion guideline: 2 and insoluble

Cl- ion guideine is 3 and soluble

The salt is insoluble.

Example 3: Calcium Hydroxide, Ca(OH)2

Ca+ ion guide line is 4 and is insoluble

OH- ion is 2 ans insoluble

so Ca(OH)2 is an insoluble salt.

Example 4: Lead Sulphate PbSO4

Pb: guide line 2: Insoluble

SO4: guideline 5-soluble

PbSO4 is insoluble

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